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Inland Valley Symphony Orchestra: How to join open positions

Performing Opportunities

All playing members of the symphony are unpaid volunteers. If you are interested in performing with the symphony, please contact us. Positions are filled based on both playing ability and commitment to the musical ensemble.

Join the Temecula Valley Symphony - "The Musical Voice of the Inland Valley"

Musicians interested in auditioning for the symphony may set up an audition at any time during the year. We are currently seeking to fill the following positions with permanent players.

Note: It is customary for Musicians who perform with Temecula Valley Symphony to volunteer their services.

Violin I and II, Section Players
Violin II, Associate Principal
Viola, Associate Principal
Viola, Principal and Section Players
Cello, Associate Principal
Cello, Section Players
Bass, Principal Bass
Bass, Associate Principal
Bass, Section Players
Oboe, Subs
Horn, Section Players
Percussion, Auxillary & Mallets

Strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion players, including harp and piano, are encouraged to audition for the sub list even if you are not available for the entire season. We often need subs for specific concerts.
Contact - IVS Information

Now Scheduling Auditions for New Members for our 2015-2016 Season   
Temecula Valley Symphony accepts new musicians throughout the concert season based on open chairs and instrumentation requirements. If you are interested in auditioning please contact Alana Joos at 951-587-1536. Thank you.

Audition materials are suggested here on this website. If you choose to audition and do not have time to learn the repertoire suggested, please plan to prepare a solo or be able to demonstrate an appropriate skill level for your instrument.

The TVS Audition Application Form is available in the Newsletters and Documents section of this website where you can download it, fill it out and return it to us to schedule an audition.

You will find the link to Newsletters and Documents on the left side of this website in the main menu area. Thank you for your interest.

TVS AUDITION POLICY   Click here to go to our Contact Us Form
Temecula Valley Symphony (TVS) is a leading community orchestra that presents an average of six concert programs per season and performs occasional outside engagements. Rehearsals are scheduled in Temecula or Murrieta-based venues, on Thursday evenings from 7:00-9:30 pm, five consecutive weeks prior to each concert. They begin in mid-August with the orchestra’s season ending in May.

The Symphony currently has openings for musicians in several sections. In order to maintain and improve the musical quality of the TVS it is the policy of the Board of Directors that all new musicians must audition unless recommended by the Conductor or Orchestra Staff. This applies to those who are auditioning for specific chairs and to those who wish to be placed on the sub list.

These auditions consist of 10 minutes of playing, consisting of a prepared solo and sight-reading. In addition, there will be a short informal discussion of the applicant’s experience, stability, and interest in playing with TVS. These orchestral auditions are for volunteer positions only.

The TVS holds official auditions at the beginning and midway through each season as follows:

a) Candidates must submit an application and resume of previous orchestral experience
b) Open positions are posted. If a section is full, anyone wishing to be placed on a sub list for rehearsals or concerts may also audition. Membership on the sub list does not guarantee permanent membership in the orchestra.
c) Members of the sub list must re-audition to fill any permanent opening.

Auditions are held in August prior to the start of the new season, in January and on an as needed basis in order to fill open positions.

At any time during the season, if you are interested in joining the orchestra, and if there is an opening, you may request a brief audition to become part of the orchestra on an interim basis. The audition committee will typically consist of the music director, personnel manager, section principal, etc.

Current TVS Members
a) Current long-standing musicians with the TVS will retain their present seat as long as they choose to remain loyal to the orchestra, maintain proficiency on their instrument, and remain professional and courteous to other symphony members.
b) If a member cannot play at any rehearsal or concert, they are required to communicate this to the Orchestra Coordinator and to the principal of their section.
c) Those wishing to make a chair challenge must demonstrate a commitment to the orchestra by having participated fully in the orchestra’s rehearsals and concerts for at least 6 months. Music for chair challenges will be taken from the new concert music for the upcoming program. Those auditions will be heard at the 1st rehearsal of each new set of concert music by the Audition Committee, who will decide the seating placement. Loyalty and commitment to participate are of paramount importance for those taking leadership positions. Auditions do not guarantee a high placement spot.
d) Prior to each concert the Conductor, Orchestra Coordinator, Director of Orchestra Affairs and/or Principals of each section will determine the number of players and/or seating of players according to the needs of the orchestra.
e) Current members must be able to adequately play the repertoire chosen for each concert program. If it is determined that a player is not able to meet this challenge then the Conductor or Orchestra Staff may ask the musician to sit out on a particular concert.
f) In order to maintain a high musical standard in Temecula Valley Symphony current members may be asked to play for the audition committee if it is determined that an evaluation of the musician's abilities is needed.
g.) Attendance at scheduled rehearsals is paramount to the success of the music preparation for concerts. If a current member of the symphony misses more than two consecutive rehearsals without giving notice to the Orchestra Coordinator, then it will be assumed that the musician is abandoning their chair. Orchestra Staff may choose to replace the musician with another person who will show a commitment to the Symphony and attend regular rehearsals. Should this happen the musician in default may reapply to join the orchestra in the future when his or her schedule permits.

AUDITION REPERTOIRE    Click here to go to our Contact Us Form

To view .pdfs of all of our audition repertoire please go to the menu on the left side and select Newsletters and Documents. Then go to Audition Repertoire to view printable.pdfs of the excerpts.

The excerpts listed are standard excerpts required by professional orchestras. We encourage you to use these when auditioning for IVS but if you have other material prepared that you would prefer to use for your audition you may do so. Please be sure to let us know what selections you plan to use for your audition.

Please bring 3 copies of your repertoire with you for the Audition Committee on the day of your audition. Thank you. (The committee already has copies of the excerpts listed on this website)

(All instruments)

These are the audition requirements:
1. Please play the listed excerpts for your instrument(s) unless you have made other arrangements with the Audition Committee. We do realize that in some cases you may not be current with repertoire and audition materials. On occasion we do make exceptions to our Audition Policy on a case by case basis and base our decision on the potential overall contribution a person may make to the organization by his or her participation.
2. You will be asked to perform the exposition of a standard concerto or sonata for your instrument, unless you have made arrangements to play other selections.
3. You will be asked to sight-read at the audition.

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